Exness Account Types

When establishing a trading account with Exness, you’ll need to select between the provider’s Standard and Professional tiers of accounts. The Standard tier is best suited for newer traders and includes the Standard and Standard Cent account types, both solid options focused on core trading needs. The Professional tier appeals to more active traders, featuring premium account types like the Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro.

While opening your Exness account, take time to research the distinguishing factors across its Standard and Professional accounts. Compare relevant attributes like minimum deposits, available leverage, commissions charged, typical spreads, and platform access. This evaluation will empower you to match an Exness account to your personal trading style, priorities, and experience level. Whether you land on a Standard or Professional account, Exness seeks to deliver an optimized trading experience.

Exness Standard Accounts

Standard Exness Account

Exness’s Standard account tier includes the Standard Account and Standard Cent Account types, both well-suited for mainstream trading activities.

Standard accounts shine for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. They have reasonable minimum deposits to get started, fixed spreads on major currency pairs and metals, and up to 1:2000 leverage depending on the traded asset.

The fixed spreads and standard leverage levels offered on these accounts contribute to straightforward cost calculations and support most common trading techniques. So whether you’re a novice still gaining competency or a seasoned trader seeking a solid everyday account, Exness’s Standard tier provides the core functionality many seek from a retail forex and CFD brokerage. The tier aims to establish a sturdy foundation for accessing global markets.

  • Standard Account
  • Standard Cent Account

Professional Exness Accounts

Exness professional account

The Professional account tier from Exness targets seasoned traders needing advanced functionality and optimal conditions for active trading across financial markets. This category includes Raw Spread, Zero, and Pro accounts.

Professional Accounts provide a number of advantages over regular Standard accounts. In particular, they offer variable and usually lower spreads, which suits traders executing high transaction volumes. They also enable higher 1:3000 leverage.

Additionally, exotic currency pairs and equity trading are opened up within these Professional accounts. The reduced costs and specialized access appeal to serious, performance-focused traders. Ensure your skills align with the advanced configurations before upgrading.

  • Raw Spread Account
  • Exness Zero Account
  • Exness Pro Account

Comparing Key Attributes of Exness Account Offerings

Exness furnishes traders selection between several real account types, each with distinct features and trading conditions. Understanding the variables across accounts is key.

  1. Spread Type – Standard and Standard Cent accounts have fixed spreads enabling straightforward profit/loss calculations. Meanwhile, Zero, Pro, and Raw Spread accounts offer floating spreads shifting on market liquidity.
  1. Spread Size – Raw Spread and Zero accounts provide the tightest spreads, starting from 0 pips at high liquidity. Standard accounts have static benchmark spreads. Pro accounts see wider variable spreads.
  1. Leverage Allowances – Standard/Standard Cent accounts permit 1:2000 leverage. Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread accounts unlock higher 1:3000 leverage for greater profit potential per trade.
  1. Asset Availability – The widest asset range spawns across Pro accounts including forex, CFDs, futures, bonds and equities. Only major currencies and metals trade through Standard accounts.
  1. Minimum Deposits – Standard accounts open from $1 deposits unlike Professional accounts mandating $200 minimums.
Exness Registration – Create an account.

Getting Started Trading with Exness

Opening and funding an Exness account for market access is straightforward. Follow this roadmap:

  1. Register on Exness’s website and select a real account type. We suggest debuting with a $1 minimum deposit Standard account.
  2. Deposit through one of 15+ available payment methods. Funds reflect instantly.
  3. Download the Exness MT4 or Exness MT5 platform and customize the interface to your preferences, or explore the flexibility of Exness WebTerminal for a seamless trading experience.
  4. Analyze markets and pick an asset to trade. Execute a test demo trade to solidify knowledge.

With those steps complete, you can begin live trading on markets that interest you!

Testing Markets Risk-Free With Exness Demo Accounts

Exness offers new traders demo accounts with $10,000 in virtual funds after a simple registration, enabling market exploration and strategy refinement risk-free via the Exness demo account.

Demo accounts mirror the broker’s actual MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. You can simulate live trading across any account types offered. Use demos to gain competency in executing trades, testing ideas, and operating the platforms.

Exness mobile app access further enables engaging with markets anywhere when starting out. By providing robust trading simulations minus monetary risk, Exness empowers developing expertise to avoid typical novice pitfalls.

Exness demo account

Islamic Account

Exness provides special Islamic accounts aligned with Islamic finance principles for Muslim traders. Their hallmark trait is having no overnight swap fees charged, as profiting from interest is prohibited.

Beyond lacking swaps, Islamic accounts only carry minor conversion fees on Exness deposits/withdrawals. Otherwise, they offer similar functionality and 1:1000 leverage to standard Exness accounts with Standard and Pro versions available.

By delivering accounts void of swaps, Exness furnishes Muslim traders a viable avenue to access and profit from global markets in a manner congruent with their faith.

Islamic account in Exness

How to Choose the Right Account

Choosing the optimal Exness account is crucial for aligning trading conditions and opportunities with individual needs. Consider these key decision drivers:

  • Existing Competency Level
  • Present and Future Capital Allocated
  • Desired Asset and Market Accessibility
  • Preferred Risk Parameters
  • Necessary Ancillary Services

Novices should launch trading through Standard or Standard Cent accounts offering fixed spreads and capped leverage, streamlined by the Exness verification process. Professional traders fit best with Pro, Zero, or Raw Spread accounts.

Carefully weighing the above factors steers each trader toward the ideal account environment. This sets the stage for effective market engagement on personalized terms.

Commonly Asked Questions

Traders can open an Exness Standard Cent account with a $1 minimum deposit. This enables trading fractional "cent" lot sizes on a small account balance.

Major differences include fixed vs floating spreads, minimum balance requirements, leverage allowances, commissions, and asset availability.

Yes, Exness provides demo accounts with $10,000 in virtual funds. These help prepare traders without financial risks.

Yes, Exness offers swap-free Islamic Standard and Pro accounts compliant with Islamic finance rules for Muslim traders.

Additionally, on the Exness FAQs page, you will find useful answers to an even greater number of questions that may interest you.

Trade from $10
Open an account with Exness from $10.